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Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second highest in Africa after Kilimanjaro. The highest peaks of the mountain are Batian (5,199 m), Nelion (5,188m) & Point Lenana (4,985m). Most trekkers only climb to Point Lenana due to the technical climbing approach required for Nelion & Batian.

The mountain was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 and receives over 15,000 visitors annually.


(1.) Sirimon Route – 4 Days

Day 1: Nairobi- Sirimon Park gate (2,660m/8,727ft) to Judmaier Camp/Old Moses Camp(3300m/10,827ft):3-4hrs, 9km

Depart from Nairobi by luxury shuttle and arrive at Nanyuki town in time for an early lunch and a pre-climb briefing. On arrival at the Sirimon gate, you begin your climb uphill through the dense forest which transforms into heath land after a 3 hour hike. The heather and proteas are quite beautiful, particularly when some of the other flowers are in bloom - gladiolus, kniphofra and senecio.

About 3-4 hours into the climb, the route turns off right towards Judimier Camp, 3300m for dinner and over-night stay.

Day 2: Judmaier Camp(3300m/10,827ft)to Shipton Camp(4,200m13,780ft):6-8hrs, 14km

After breakfast, an hour’s trek will bring you the to the Ontulli river crossing. Climb on contouring through the Moorland as you cross Liki North and continue uphill to Mackinder’s Valley. From here, the panoramic views of the main peaks are sure to take your breath away.

After a good 6-7 hour hike having covered 14km you will reach Shipton’s Camp which is tucked underneath the towering snow-capped peaks for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 3: Shipton Camp to Point Lenana(4,985m.16,355ft) to Judmaier Camp/Old Moses :9-10hrs, 21 km

Today is the summit day! We will leave at 3 a.m. up a steep stony scree through a cliff clearing towards lower Hall Tarns arriving at Point Lenana around 6.30 a.m., just in time for a spectacular sun-rise.

After the sunrise, you will start your descent to Shipton Camp (2 hours) for breakfast and a further 5-6 hours down to Old Moses camp for dinner & over-night stay.

Day 4: Judmaier Camp3300m/10,827ft) to Sirimon Park gate-Nairobi

After breakfast, we will walk down through the rainforest to reach the park gate in 2-3 hours. Here you will be received by your vehicle for a transfer to Nairobi via Nanyuki.


(2.)NaroMoru Route – 4 Days

Day 1: Nairobi-Naro Moru Park gate (2,400m/7,874ft) to Meet Station (3,000m/9,843ft)

You will be picked up from your hotel in Nairobi at 7:30 am by one of our representatives and depart for Naro Moru Park Gate via Nanyuki town (2,600m) for registration. This is roughly a 3 hour drive. As we leave from Nairobi, you will see plenty of African villages, herdsmen and fruit & vegetable vendors on the way. Our hike starts from the Naro Moru Park Gate.

From the gate, we will keep to the park track, which follows the crest of a broad ridge between the Northern and Southern Naro Moru valleys. The going is easy and it’s a pleasant walk through the rain forest.

About two thirds of the way up after the bridge there are good views to the left down into the Northern Naro Moru valley. The trek ends at Met station (3,000m) for dinner and over-night stay.

Day 2: Met Station(3,000m/9,843ft) to Mackinder’s camp (4,200m/13,780ft)

After breakfast, you will start your ascent towards the mast of the Met station. After a further 30min, you will reach the end of the forest belt and enter the moorland. This is the vertical bog where conditions range from damp to glutinous depending on when it last rained.

You will have a brief stop for lunch at lunch point. From here, you will continue your ascent until the going improves and you reach a fork overlooking Teleki Valley to reach Mackinder’s Camp, 4,200m for dinner and over-night stay.

Since you will summit very early the next day, we recommend you get to bed as early as possible to retain the energy.

Day 3: Mackinder’s(4,200m/13,780ft) to Point Lenana(4,985m/16,355ft)Met station(3,000m/9,843ft)

An early start to the day! After a quick cup of tea & biscuits, you start your summit ascent at 2 am in order to reach point Lenana (4985m) by sunrise at 6:30am. Here you will witness the breathtaking views of Nelion, the Lewis glacier and other surrounding peaks at sunrise.

After some photos and rejoicing, we descend down to Mackinder’s Camp for breakfast, and descend a further 4hrs to Met Station(3,000m) for dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Met Station(3,000m/9,843ft)-Park gate(2,400m/7,874ft) -Nairobi

After breakfast, you will walk down through the rainforest to reach the park gate in 2-3 hours. Here you will be received for a transfer back to Nairobi via Nanyuki.

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